A Scottish Suite  

by James McGonigal

Ramón Gómez de la Serna (1888 –1963):
A Scottish Suite       Spanish with Glasgow Scots

God the Faither hauds the keys
            tae aa wir bellybuttons. [p110]

            El Creador guarda las llaves de todos los ombligos.
            The Creator keeps the keys to everyone’s navel.

Hae a luik at this xray o yer fit thae banes are shairly built
            tae gie some loon a kick up the bahookie. [p110]

            Al ver la radiografía del pie se ve claramente que sus huesos estan
            parados para dar puntapiés.
            This xray of the foot clearly shows bones designed to deliver kicks.

The nummer 6 is in the faimily wey. [p63]

            El 6 es el número que va a tener familia.
            6 is the number which is going to have a baby.

Sittin doon at his concert grand, the dandy virtuoso
            tries oan the keyboard’s evenin gloves fir size. [p110]

            Playing the piano the pianist dons the elegant gloves of the keys.
            Al tocar el piano el pianista se pone los elegantos guantes de las

The sea’s shouders are nae fashed by ony draps o rain that faa
                        oan thir aaweddir gear. [p137]

            A las olas no les importa la lluvia, como se tuviesen impermeable.
            Waves don’t mind the rain at all, as if they were wearing waterproofs.

Kirkyaird mune. The yin stane hereaboots that hauds nae epitaph.

            La luna es la lápida sin epitifio.
            The moon is the gravestone that lacks an epitaph.