Books Received

Winter 2018

The Martin Bormann Dog Care Book
     by Michael R. Brown, Resolute Bear Press

After We All Died
     by Allison Cobb, Ahsahta Press

Plaintive Music
     by Ron Domen, Dos Madres Press

Faces Somewhere Wild
     by David Giannini, Dos Madres Press

The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up
     by David Giannini, Dos Madres Press

The End of Something
     by Kate Greenstreet, Ahsahta Press

The Third Voice Notes on the Art of Poetic Collaboration
     by Eric Greinke, Presa Press

Beasts, River, Drunk Men, Garden, Burst, & Light
     by Richard Hague, Dos Madres Press          

Momentary Stays
     by Ruth D. Handel, Dos Madres Press

litanies said handedly
     by Ralph La Charity, Dos Madres Press

Marriage Map
     by Owen Lewis, Dos Madres Press

     by Seán Ó Coistealbha

The Unstill Ones
     by Miller Oberman, Princeton University Press

Old Ballerina Club
     by Sharon Olinka, Dos Madres Press

Shape of Faith
     by John Phillips, Shearsman Books

What’s Hanging on the Hush
     by Lauren Russell, Ahsahta Press

Hiding in Plain Sight
     by Olivia Stiffler, Dos Madres Press