Café Review 2016 Summer Issue

Summer 2016

Our Summer 2016 Issue is now available featuring poetry by  Doug Anderson, Martín Espada, Michael Estabrook, Carolyn Gelland, Maisie Houghton, Helen Reed Lehman, Michelle Lewis, Gerald Locklin, Justin Lowe, Mark Melnicove, Jefferson Navicky, normal, Mary O’Connell, Edward O’Dwyer, John W. Sexton, Lee Sharkey, David Stankiewicz, Robert Tremmel, John Sibley Williams, Jefferey Cyphers Wright with artwork from Jake Cassevoy, Brienne Cosman, Alexandra de Steiguer and Ashley Norman. There are also reviews by Jefferson Navicky and Julie Poitras Santos and an interview with Martín Espada conducted by Kevin Sweeney.