Carry You Home from the Fair

by George Wallace

You are a rowboat of wild horses and tomatoes
we are sailing home across a surreal fishbowl
this is summer, stupid yeah,

so what if that’s a mixed metaphor — you won
a goldfish and held my hand we bent the rules
we can ride the back roads

grammar is good romance is better real love is
possible and it’s better to swim with the cannibals
than to lie down with the clams

who’s drowning? not us! every moment should be
beautiful like this, o bliss o cotton candy o carousel
of kisses!  It’s your birthday

let me take you home to our goldfish bowl — i am
the bubbleman i live at the bottom of the tank —
and you to me are

better than Shakespeare in a car full of roses

i will carry you home carefully,
i will carry you home