by Douglas K. Currier

Start by giving away the good things,
the accumulated of value. Choose
carefully, and do it slowly. Say that
you are downsizing, uncluttering, making
things easier. Watches, cashmere, the art work
of others make gifts to family, friends, relations.
Empty the storage unit. Goodwill
will take the clothes, shoes, books,
and life’s other sundries.

Burn the personal perhaps in the backyard
fire pit your oldest gave you the summer
you had friends photos, newspaper clippings,
certificates, tax returns, pay stubs, failed poems,
thankyou notes, cards (Christmas and birthday).
No one wants your past each has his or her own.
Burn all that you kept to remind you, but
that you forgot nonetheless, and quickly.

Remember to cancel the gym membership.
They want notice a month in advance in writing.
Pick up whatever you have at the drycleaner.
Cancel the cable and subscriptions that linger.
Pay off your bills within reason. The post office
will hold your mail three months or so anyway.
Email all your contacts telling them you’ll no longer
be checking that account details to follow.
Most everything else will take care of itself.