Coma in a boyfriend

by Anselm Berrigan

I’ve an invigorated withdrawal
In nurture posing as signatory

To certain accounts — can they
And do they.  Canned they

& done they & smoked they
& hocked they & bitched they

& lasted they & bewildered
A film about the bear

Proposing to bear down
Yielding to simplicity & wrongness

Goes off, turning away.  A do
Wrong, brimming with liquidity

Oh I don’t want to hold & sever
If you love me you’ll stop talking

The tube shaped like a doughnut
You slide into has frequency

Photos of inward structure you
Get insurance not to see, & shit

Not like the shit like milk to pick
Up on the smoky walk back to pad

& rent & crib & bunker & zone
& that & no & naw & more & no