by Pamela Twining

I laughed at Death again today
I laughed as only Life can laugh
snatched tomorrow from the jaws
of the bone collector
burning torment music scorching veins
the Dance not done the feet still pound
the red road, swirling cosmic dust
not bound to Earth so much
as leaping flying through
the round of days

Fell sorcerer wielding wand of endless sleep
sends Winter’s Aweful minions riding Hard
down frozen corridors of time unspoken
screaming imprecations
hooves striking blue steel sparks
from her milkless breast
they aim to take us Down
but at last moment we dodge aside
wresting bubbling Springtime
from the mouths of their Dreadful weapons
and chuckling rills guffawing mountains
dancing hillsides clothe themselves again
in vibrant hued defiance

creating the universe again and again
from a wisp of idea to the plunge
over the lip of the abyss
a Thousand tiny deaths!
a Hundred Thousand!

grasping at Life like the ring
on the merry go round
following golden promise and

I laugh at Death, not hubris
Celebration of the life and love
of this here /now
born again in every instant
Explosions among the planets
giving birth to Stars