Chasin The Ambulance

by Amiri Baraka

Where you goin to go

If you don’t go

Nowhere ? In a circle, a circle of circles
Surround the nowhere of your scream. If you not going Nowhere

but there

Each time, turning on a dime. Complaining, screaming your pain in
The devil is evil. Say that uno mas another gin ! The devil is evil.

The devil is evil. Now if you want to wake up somebody

That the devil is evil. Good. I’m for that, the devil is evil.

Shout louder. The Devil is Evil. Always been evil. In a circle
Scream that out. If you not going anywhere you can start there.

Or even before. If you

Understand what you screaming. If you understand the meaning. Then

What do you do ? Turning in circles shouting

The Devil is Evil. Yes. Even Louder. Run up and down the streets

Get everyone you know to scream. Listen Listen Listen

The Devil is Evil. Now what ? Now What ? Now What ?