Charles Stein

 a poet and independent scholar, he is the author of eleven books of poetry including, The Hat Rack Tree (Station Hill Press) and From Mimir’s Head. His examination of the poet Charles Olson’s use of C. G. Jung, The Secret of the Black Chysanthemum (Station Hill Press) is a classic study of that poet’s work. He studied ancient Greek at Columbia University and received a doctorate in literature from the University of Connecticut. His new verse translation of Homer’s The Odyssey came out in 2008. His recent exploration of the Eleusinian Mysteries, Persephone Unveiled (North Atlantic Books, 2006) includes his translations of The Homeric Hymn to Demeter and the extant writings of Parmenides. He lives in Barrytown, New York, with classical guitarist, choral director, and research historian Megan Hastie.