Hold Me Like

by Bertie Koller

grey skies & no wind at all
the table set for two
a candle burns at both ends
amber rose & blue

hold me like the puddle holds the rain
like the shadow hides in darkness
like fire consumes the plain

laughing at the sorrows
knockin’ down the door
drinking mead from glasses
just as fast as it will pour

hold me like the highway holds a dream
like the stars hang forever
like coffee swirls with cream

there’s something in you sweetheart
strong as any bear
just as wild & as crazy
lurking sweetly in your stare

hold me like the oven holds the bread
like a child in the womb
like a graveyard holds the dead

I’m haunted & I’m lonely
just hoping to survive
swimming from a shipwreck
on the ocean of your eyes

hold me like the book holds the page
like poetry warms the heart
like curtains close the stage