I woke in the night, heard

by Betta Rouse

your pleasure, wanted
you for myself, wanted
your breasts, in my hands, in my face.
wanted to mouth your nipples, wanted
to hold your thighs, wanted you
over me, riding me, wanted your
bones grinding mine.

Your muffled cries and gasps,
your moans, carried
your pleasures to me, and I imagined
you with me, played in time
to that music, endured as you
endured, until almost dawn, to come
with you.

I lay quiet, listening for some
further sound, as the birds began
their songs, but there was nothing more
of you, until the sun was well up
and you greeted me, in the kitchen,
rosy cheeks, gave me
that courteous hug
we girls so often
give one another.