I Love You Detroit

by Danny Caine

I Love You Detroit
          for Dan Gilbert

I love you Detroit
People Mover because you don’t give
a fuck you just give rides

to people like me, bloated
with Saganaki dragging on escalators
through casino clatter to find

a monorail of all things waiting
to go on a three mile clockwise loop
of the theaters and parking garages

and a parking garage that was once
a theater.  Halfway through the Renaissance
Center clears its throat and asks me:

When did people begin imagining
automated trains or international airports,
or automated trains inside international airports

or a train that goes nowhere and costs
$4 per rider mile in a city choking
on its own bones?

Ride, the Ren Cen tells me.  Ride
and I glide through her shadow thinking
something in Detroit must keep moving.