James Chase

Dr. Pro Bono by James Chase, assemblage

James Chase:  is an assemblage artist who lives in Manchester, New Hampshire.  He has published a book of his work available both in paperback and hard cover, titled The Dark Arts of James Chase (neverfading.com).  New Hampshire poet Mark DeCarteret, author of (If This Is The) New World, has written of Chase’s work, “You might want to file James Chase’s constructions with Cornell’s creepier channelings, Hollywood’s vintage interpretations of the hellish, and Poe’s ever-looming pendulum, but his highly artful gearboxes and crates are both timely and timeless (as well as contemporary — instilling his peep shows with a zine-n-comix-ture), culling odds-and-ends off the industrial-aged blocks of Manchester’s mill sections and then rigging them up and bolting them together, updating this darkest of milieus with these readings of our souls — yes, the lurid, tube-hot, and the sublime, machine-cold, but more so the immeasurable and untold.”