King Arthur Died in AD 538

by Michael Estabrook

Things are about the same
here, same as always, snowy out
another boring lunch.

Did you know that King Arthur
(of the Round Table and all that)
was real and died in 538?

Simply trying to imagine
so vague and dark.

Tons of rubbish written
about the Arthurian Legends.
Try finding the historical Jesus.

Albert Schweitzer tried and failed.
But questing after the historical Arthur
could prove fruitful.

The big problem is having to learn
all those archaic languages: Saxon, Anglo,
Celtic, Kentish, Pictish, Jutish, Cumbric, Irish.

Welsh too, don’t forget Welsh.
Forget it.  Just getting modern English
down has kept me occupied for decades.

No, no Arthur for me.
Besides I gotta go make myself
a sandwich or something.