Leaf Rain Marble

by Roger Hickin

i.   (after Spiridon Drozhzhin)

a leaf blown

from its native branch
you drift with no road

of your own

ii.    Valdicastello

in torrents of rain

knock in vain
on the door of a friend

of a friend

iii.    Rapallo

at the marketplace

in Rapallo baccalà al forno
and an old man’s company

at a marble table

iv.    Parco della Pace, Sant’ Anna di Stazzema

climb the ruined village

pass through the gate
of the Park of Peace

she’s on her knees,
he’s in her mouth

on the monumento ossario a stone mother
hugs her dead child

a four hour spree for retreating SS
massacre then lunch and songs

high among the chestnuts of the Apuane
Anna . . .    Evelina . . .

Innocenzo . . .