by Clayton Eshleman

                                           10:28 AM:
          top of the Tower: the antenna spire begins to descend
          before any movement occurs in the exterior walls
          (suggesting the Tower’s collapse begins with the
          destruction of what supports the antenna: the building’s
          fireproof core columns)

How could the debris crush 96 steel & concrete floors
while surging earthward at the speed of gravity?
Each floor shattered before the debris above it made contact
i.e., the debris never collided with any floors.

Most of the jet fuel was gone in the initial fire ball.
Black smoke = oxygen starved fires suffocating.
Jet fuel cannot melt steel or iron
molten steel needs 2750°F to melt.

1,434 people murdered.

Over a hundred fell or jumped to their obliteration.

The first departure occurred 4 minutes after the first plane hit, from the 149th
window of the 93rd floor on the north face of the building. The “cascade” began
7 minutes later, with 13 falls in 2 minutes.

People hugging or holding hands as they fell together.

Did Eddie Torres jump?

Terminal velocity 120 MPH, up to 200 MPH if the person fell with
     the body straight.

Karen Juday identified by her husband in a photograph wearing the
familiar bandana she always put on at work, standing in a window frame, holding on, with flames behind her.
Edna Citron seen waving out from a deep gash in the North
Tower, smoke & flames behind her.

“I think most of the ‘jumpers’ actually lost their grip while gasping
for air and were eventually burned out of the building by all the searing smoke,
burning up their hands, burning up their backs.”

“It was raining bodies. They were jumping now, one, two, three,
four, smashing like eggs on the ground.”

Man in a white waiter’s jacket, black pants, black hightops,
photographed by Richard Drew, frozen in a headfirst dive, came to be known as
The Falling Man.

Norberto Hernandez?

Jonathan Briley?

“Little people falling like fairies.”

“Some tried parachuting until the force generated by the fall
ripped the drapes, the tablecloth, the desperatelygathered fabric, from their

“They were like big ketchup stains with clothing on top.”


21,300 windows
300,000 square feet of glass
100,000 tons of structured steel
2,500,000,000 square feet of gypsum
3 acres of marble
212,000 cubic feet of concrete become

horror dumps of pulverized debris,
molten metal flowing down into the rubble piles,
large salmonyellow pools of molten metal in the postcollapse
the end products of a radiocomputerinitiated firing from Building 7
   using superthermite matches?
Unspent aluminothermic explosives & matching residues
   were found in the Tower’s dust

         Karen Juday’s jawbone

along with Adolf Rumsfeld’s turnedoff cell phone.