Café Review 2009 Spring Special Editors Issue

Cover for the Spring 2009 Editor’s issue of the Cafe Review

In Memoriam

Pat Murphy
1937 – 2009

Poet, bookseller, and longtime friend to The Café Review, Pat was a central figure in the poetry community of Portland, Maine for thirty years. His chapbook, Riding Buddha’s Bicycle, was published by The Café Review in 1991, and we have had the privilege of printing many more of his poems over the years.

We will miss him!

Special Note:

This Editor’s Issue of The Café Review is different from our normal published reviews. We have asked 14 editors of poetry journals from across the United States two complex question: Why do some poems stand out from others? And what is he state of poetry in America today? Their answers will surprise you. We hope this issue will give poets a better sense of what editors look for in poems. You will get the inside scoop about why different journals accept different types of poems. For teachers, this issue will answer questions students have about the dos and don’ts in submitting poems as well as the perennial question of why poetry matter.

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