Café Review 2013 Summer Issue

Summer 2013 Issue of the Café Review — Special Micheal Macklin Tribute

Our Summer 2013 Issue features poetry by Thomas D. Absher, Ralph Angel, Wayne Atherton, Erika Butler, Melissa Crowe, Roger Dutton, Gibson Fay-LeBlanc, Catherine Fisher, Nadell Fishman, Gerard Grealish, Megan Grumbling, John W. Hoy, Philip Levine, Steve Luttrell, Michael Macklin, Molly McGrath, Naomi Shihab Nye, Anne Britting Oleson, Marita O’Neill, Stephen Petroff, Tim Seibles, Betsy Sholl, Martin Steingesser, Kathleen Sullivan, Kevin Sweeney, and Baron Wormser. It also features artwork from Wayne Atherton, Ross Bacheldor, and Gabriel Faulkner-Macklin, and reviews by Michael Macklin, Sharon Olinka, and Kevin Sweeney

This issue of The Café Review is a very special  one  for us and we  hope  for you as well. It is truly a “labor of love.” It has brought together many of Michael Macklin’s friends in a collaboration to honor his person and his passing. Michael was a tireless supporter and promoter of poetry. He was a valued member of The Café Review staff for a decade; first as reviews editor and then as poetry editor. He would always take the time to write a few words of response to many of the submissions that we rejected. He was very sensitive to people’s feelings and people (some he never met) loved him for it. Michael particularly enjoyed working with young people and would always “jump at the chance” to read to them and hear their poetry. Although he passed away too early, his legacy is firmly in place in the hearts of many.

We hope you will enjoy reading this issue and appreciate the reverence that was taken in the making of it.

Between these covers are poems for a poet.

Steve Luttrell
Summer 2013



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