Poor Peedie Gaelic

by Simon W. Hall

Poor Peedie Gaelic       Orcadian, Scots of Orkney

Poor peedie Gaelic.
Peedie tottie grottie buckie.
Atlantic o pressure bearan doon on thee.
Hoo kin thoo stand it, peedie thing ?
Thoo’re only peedie.

Poor peedie Gaelic.
Empty shell cast up on a skerry.
Ootcast on the maritime periphery.
Peedie breist wae livan, roseate hue.
But when I turn thee ower I see
A peedie skull grinnan back at me.

Still, thoo are blessed compared wae me:
Thur’s Alba on the BBC,
A Language Act fur aal tae see,
And thoo’re distinct.
But haters willna let iss be,
Till wur extinct.

Poor little Gaelic. Tiny little cowrie shell. Atlantic of pressure
bearing down on you. How can you stand it, little thing ? You’re

only little.
Poor little Gaelic. Empty shell cast up on a sea rock. Outcast on the
maritime periphery. Little breast with living, roseate hue. But when

I turn you over I see a little skull grinning back at me.
Still, you are blessed compared with me: there’s Alba on the BBC, a
Language Act for all to see, and you’re distinct. But haters won’t
leave us alone / in peace, until we are extinct.