Protecting Our Own

by Charlene Langfur

What do we do now? Global warming is rising.
It’s not surprising. I walk out into the world
in spite of it. Each day I pass the sycamore trees
surviving on too little water in a drying land. We all
wait for the rain as if there is a chance it will come
and come soon. I watch how the white tailed rabbits run
for the green grass in the near dark. All the annuals have changed
how they move now and most of us water in the dark
if at all. The effort, to keep away loss any way we can.
The need for change is right in front of us now but some changes
come bigger than others. This is one of them.
Unstoppable stuff everywhere. All of it coming at once.
Which way do we go to save what is left? Use less.
Plant a garden. Live more simply. I make a list of a 100
ways and start at the beginning. A walk. Organic
green tea in a tall glass. It glows in the sun light next
to the wild roses in a glass cup.