Queen of Cups Issue Thirty-Six featuring Megan Grumbling

Check out the latest issue of the Queen of Cups featuring poems by our Reviews Editor, Megan Grumbling. You can check out more about this publication here: http://tinyletter.com/QueenofCups/letters/queen-of-cups-issue-thirty-six-megan-grumbling-and-the-high-priestess. Below is an excerpt about this issue featuring Megan’s work!

….”Welcome to Queen of Cups Issue Thirty-Six featuring Megan Grumbling and The High Priestess. ……. The poems appear in Grumbling’s collection Booker’s Point, published in 2016 by University of North Texas Press. Booker’s Point has been called an ‘oral-history-inspired portrait-in-verse’ and centers around old-time Mainer Bernard Booker. Grumbling captures the meandering, oral storytelling nature of Booker often in stylistically formal, metered verse. That juxtaposition strikes me as very ‘old New England’, ironically, as oral narratives which might appear open-ended and loose are in fact well-honed from years of telling. I’ve spent at least a few afternoons talking to old timers just like Booker! Many are working farmers who have a million and one things to do, but make it appear as though they have all the time in the world to spend on this one story. So the listener, by association, has all the time in the world too. Give them a few props: shapes of stones in a hearth, ‘four warped planks’, a red bike like that other red bike from around 1938, then sit back and enjoy. Impromptu oral storytelling is becoming something of a lost art as we have, or take, less time to reminisce, and also less face to face conversation with people who don’t already know our stories.”— from tinyletter.com