Izhar Patkin

The Veil Suite, 2007, ink on pleated illusion (tulle curtains), detail from a room of wall size paintings, 14x22x28 by Izhar Patkin

Izhar Patkin: is an Israeli artist who has lived in New York since the late 1970s.  His body of work, including “Black Paintings” and more recently “Veiled Threats,” draws on European, American, and Israeli cultural traditions for a vision that is uniquely his own.  He intentionally ceased participating in “the gallery system” after the death of his dealer in 2002, but this self imposed absence hasn’t mitigated demand for his narrative pieces.  To view more artwork by Patkin and to learn more about his “Veiled Threats” collaboration with poet Agha Shahid Ali, go to www.izharpatkin.com.