Orson Horchler

Mural for Bambino, charcoal 120"x288" (left panel detail) by Orson Horchler

Orson Horchler: was born in Philadelphia in 1978. In 1983, he moved to France with his mother. It was the work of Francis Bacon, first encountered during a visit to the Gallery Lelong in Paris when he was 9 that would profoundly mark him. By the end of junior high school, he escaped the rain, concrete, and gang violence of the Northern suburbs of Paris to roam the beaches of Southern France and drink cheap wine with his hobo mentors.  In 1997 he moved back to the USA. Since then he has lived in Maine, New Orleans, and Loísaida, NYC. Since 2011, he has delved with a seemingly total lack of restraint into covering the walls of Bangor, Maine and Harlem, New York with his street art. Under the name of Pigeon, he is slowly making these places feel like home while, in the process, becoming a formidable catalyst for community building and interactive play between residents. His gallery and museum exhibits often include drawings inviting gallery goers to put their own marks on them.