Being, Love for J. C.

by Neeli Cherkovski

being, love, water, the harbor
where we turn, suddenly it envelopes us
and there is no turning back,
shadows illuminate gated houses
on the snake – like road leading to the fire pits
I unbutton your shirt, alone, and swear to remember
what is good and luscious in the Song of Songs,
strong enough to stand with these houses
that populate the hillsides, I kiss you
in memory of our first touch, your electricity
pulsed through me, I could look into your eyes
and seize the river of a deeper dream,
an oxidizing moment, I know you as nobody knows you,
this is the sea – cliff, a dirt path takes us
on the shoulder, as I love myself I love what is
inside of you, your animal, your anima, your pain,
the roar of roses, rough weather, calm, you