Checkin’ the Set *

by Gerd Stern

there was nothing to forgive
then murder impossible to forget
drove your express spirit beyond
this back beat of no time
like no – ow – now presence gone

remembering your cramped tears
homesick ready for return
stone buddy cool dude games
Gofer Topher an’ Rasta Granpa twogather
inhaled our drug o’choice
voicing synced to Stop The Violence
snorkeling o’er Poetreef coral heads

life’s quick if it’s not
where is it there you’re gone
to be scattered ashes on Tamalpaian peak
highbeam grin turned to us
from twenty one years of photolit
token keepsake images portending
immediate fatal finality

that shot too unexpected
to be true

* A local custom; checkin’ out the sunset from Bolinas Ridge
on Mount Tamalpais