Dragonfly Resurrection

by Paul Nelson


     Horse flies are smudges on the air.
             — Ramón Gomez de la Serna

Dragonflies are silent fireworks.  Into the heart of a carnivore we go & see her arrive 30mph on the solstice see her stalk the rushes & sedges   recon the ponds    work the grass tips    maybe let the fresh sperm be scooped out to mate again maybe see you out thousands of individual eyes maybe shoot up to spy another dragonfly 125 feet above.

Dragonfly  older than dinosaur  cardinal meadowhawk filigree skimmers    western forktail coal-fronted threadtail  Apache dancer  Aztec dan- cer immortal unreliable more spark than flame more action than lengua mala  more meat eater than lilac – sniffer   more drunk than your last hallu – cination   four wing’d independent flight.


Gauzy wings glitter
in summer solstice


7:04P – 6.25.11