Mais Qu’est-ce Qu’il ya, Dit le Non Dieu. Rien, Toujours Rien But What is It ? Says the Non God. Nothing, Always Nothing.

by Jack Foley

A Poem of Xmas Xeer
     “ . . .. quoi que vous soyez chrétien, juif ou mussulman”

pour un
qui croit pas (comme moi)
c’est pas une question du “bon” dieu
mais simplement
du “non” dieu

O non dieu
A Toi nous crions
et Tu réponds toujours
avec le même

O non dieu
je ne Te vois
et je ne





for one
who (like me) doesn’t believe
it isn’t a question of the “bon” (good) God
but simply
of the “non” God
O non God
to You we cry out
and you always answer
with the same

O non god
I don’t see You
and I don’t
hear You



Note:  The X in Xmas is a representation of the Greek letter, Chi, which is pronounced ch -.  It is an abbreviation of “Christos,” Christ.  Reasoning similarly, we can turn “cheer” into “xeer.”  The poem says that the cheer applies “whether you are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim.”  It is addressed not to the “good God,” the “bon Dieu” — a holdover from the Pagan fear of saying anything bad about a powerful person — but to the “non God,” the “non Dieu.”  I tend to think of atheism as somehow being French, so the poem is in that language, followed by translation.