Amalio Madueño

grew up on the borderlands of California and Baja.  He organized farm workers with Cesar Chavez, studied poetry in graduate school at the University of California, Irvine, and lives near Taos, New Mexico.  Long associated with the Taos Poetry Circus and Mexican Bob’s Poetry Camp, he has published widely in journals across the United States and Europe.  Recent anthologies featuring his work include Venus in the Badlands (ed. J. Macker, Santa Fe, 2006), between sleeps: the 315 experiment 1993–2005 (ed. Dinsmore and Alley, Vancouver BC, 2006), and Wandering Hermit Review (Seattle, 2006).  Ranchos Press has published almost a dozen of his chapbooks in the last 10 years; Lost in the Chamiso (wild embers press 2006) is his first full – length book.  He performs his work frequently throughout New Mexico and the west in featured readings, seminars, television and radio, as well as on videos and CDs.