Observing Glen Park

by Robbie Sugg

Clouds diffuse
over the canyon,
plank houses
              rise on stilts to meet
              the rice paper sky.

The age old invitation
benches under trees
to write a commotion
           of birds and
           talons in my
           nest of hair.

Clutching umbrella tighter
           Frenzy in my coat
           with feathered fearless
           stare of pigeons
           at my feet.

Familiar smells of eucalyptus
           the glimmer of rain in the air
                         and wind
the dust in the streets
           of the fogeyed city
           bathed in the gray milk of clouds
           painting the town monotonous.

Forded the crosswalk
           incensed with exhaust
           carried on wet breeze to
                         another lung.

A bench to sit on
A sidewalk to lay the soul
                         of my feet.

Lines in the pavement to contemplate
through which insistent birds pluck
           invisible seeds
           that fell from creation
           now a pearl tossing
           in the belly.