Anselm Berrigan

was born in 1972 in Chicago, Illinois.  He received a B.A. from SUNY Buffalo and an M.F.A. from Brooklyn College.  He is the son of poets Alice Notley and the late Ted Berrigan.  He is the author of five books of poetry: Notes from Irrelevance (Wave Books, 2011), Free Cell (City Lights Books, 2009), Some Notes on My Programming (Edge, 2006), Zero Star Hotel (Edge, 2002), Integrity and Dramatic Life (Edge, 1999), and co-editor with Alice Notley and his brother Edmund Berrigan, of The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan (U. California, 2005) and The Selected Poems of Ted Berrigan (U. California, 2011).  From 2003–2007 he was Artistic Director of The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church.  He is Co-Chair, Writing at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, and teaches writing at Pratt Institute and Brooklyn College.  He was a New York State Foundation for the Arts fellow in Poetry for 2007, and has received two grants from the Fund for Poetry.  He lives in New York City.