No consolation!

by Natasha Georgievska

We are too young to die like that
Quiet and peaceful
We rather bleed on the tavern floor
With wine on lips and knives between our ribs
Stubbed over a woman or bad poetry
Beat us up, take our money
Break our bones, poison our blood
Belt us, cuff us, but let us feel pain infinite
Pain so hard you cum in your pants
Screaming for God
From the bottom of your bleeding lungs
No consolation!

Take everything, bring down the door
Collect all this garbage
Fire us, evict us
Mutilate us at birth, like Calcutta beggars
Cut off our tongues
Feed them to Shakespeare’s maggots
Shoot us down with silver bullets
But No consolation!

Burn our flag, ban our name
Starve us, scare us
Stamp us, deny us
Extradite us
No consolation!

I love, father
Then jump, father screams
There is the river
Kill yourself
No consolation!

I dive in deadly green waters
By the John the Baptist’s head
With the drowning sailors’ eyes watching
Ophelia’s breasts touching my cheeks
Float my body, float
No consolation!

Fingers grab me by the hair
A man in pajamas
Scratching and kicking
You were sleepwalking, man?
I’m running away from my funeral
No consolation!

Two wet jumpers walking by the river
Shivering, blue lips stammering
Let’s feel that alive again
Swing the swing
Let’s jump from the higher bridge
No consolation!