Busy Man of Affairs

by E. Michael Desilets

The Birdman of Burbank tinkered
with his antique tin toys in the garage,
nudging a bit of orange crud off the beak
of a clockwork parakeet
with an Evapo Rust soaked cotton swab.

The Cycling Duck and the Pecking Hen
looked perfect now, preening on the hood
of the Buick Skylark.  The Rocking Rooster
might be tomorrow’s main event.

Connie was out once again, watching
Deadline at Dawn on a distant drive in screen,
her pal Tina already asleep in the passenger seat,
the Italian sausage sub going cold in her hand.

In a half hour or so he’d stroll to Bella Vista,
slide into the booth by the Great Zucchini
fortune telling machine and order rigatoni arrabiata.
No red wine tonight.  The migraines
would soon be back.