African Gray Parrot With Brain The Size of A Walnut  Understands A Numerical Concept Akin to Zero

by Anselm Hollo

Yes my dear that may well be true
but I do wish
this pleasant early June evening breeze
would evaporate
all the terrible servants of Mammon
masquerading as servants of the “American People” —
in a kind of reverse “rapture,” i.e.,

tomorrow morning they just wouldn’t BE here anymore

Ah it is late
in the game dear hearts
dear hearts it is late in the game

and how will the untold be told ?

will the bugs remember ?

or in a dog’s or cat’s brain a small flicker
that there were these “humans” once

no no says the Doge of Dogs
no no says the Caesar of Cats

no to quote your great singer Tom Lehrer
“we’ll all go together when we go”