Anzhelina Polonskaya

was born in Malakhovka, a small town near Moscow.  Since 1998, she has been a member of the Moscow Union of Writers and in 2003, became a member of the Russian PEN – centre.  In 2004 an English version of her book, entitled A Voice, appeared in the acclaimed Writings from an Unbound Europe series at Northwestern University Press.  Books and Publications include, Svetoch Moy Nebesny (My Heavenlike Torch, 1993); Stixotvorenia (Moscow Writer Publishing House, 1998); The Sky Through a Private’s Eye (Kogelet Publishing House, 1999); Golos (Moscow, Podkova Publishing House 2002); A Voice (Northwestern University Press 2004, USA); Snow Within (R. Elinina, classic century21st, 2008), Modern Poetry in Translation; International Poetry Review; Magazine Atlantica, Poetry Review, Stand Magazine, Descant, World Literature Today, The Malahat Review, Boulevard Magazine.