Pamela Twining

was always a poet.  Her first efforts were published only in elementary school journals, but her sonnet “Neveah,” written at 16, was honored with a scholarship to a six-week poetry workshop in Washington DC.  Yet, she only started reading her work in public in 2010.  Most of the past years were spent “inhaling,” as it were.  Her first chapbook, i have been a river . . . was published by Heyday Press in 2011, followed by utopians & madmen, DancinFool Press, in 2012 and A Thousand Years of Wanting by Shivastan Press in 2013.  She is currently working on a long piece, a memoir in poetic form and is one of the organizers of the Janine Pommy Vega Poetry Festival, held annually in Woodstock at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum.   She and Andy Clausen perform in tandem.