Jessica Goldfinch

Jessica Goldfinch, Jesus Walla, digital collage

Jessica Goldfinch growing up in an urban commune in 1970s New Orleans, she was exposed to unconventional worldviews from a very early age.  From her elementary school years at the countercultural Free School through her graduate studies at the University of New Orleans, she focused on studying world ideologies and creatively incorporating them into her art.  Her artistic curiosity has led her to travel to places as diverse as Nicaragua, Indonesia, and central India, and she has frequently incorporated both iconographic elements and an Asian sense of balance in her work.  Raised as a Secular Humanist but schooled in many other religions from her upbringing, academic studies, and travels, she is fascinated with blind faith as well as religious artwork from an outsider’s perspective.  Religious views of mortality infuse her work, and are often framed in scientific depictions of issues of life and death.  Since 2000, her artwork has been exhibited in dozens of venues, including museums, universities, art centers, and galleries, in New Orleans and the Gulf South as well as in New York City, Washington DC, and Europe.  She maintains her studio and home in New Orleans.