Two Rivers

by Robin Behn

     A tune by Larry Unger
          for Jack Myers

Two minds, side by side.

Your two minds walking a road,
a road that plunges into cedars,

cedars drinking and drinking
from the straw.

Here is your hat, sir.
Here is your other hat.

Your first mind in your first hat with the good dreams.
Your second mind takes off its hat to them.

Two hands in one mist
too dense to see.

A nodding knot of held hands bobbing into the mist,
blood knot riding where it can’t be seen, like singing.

Song in the mind the mind swoons upon.
The feeling of turning feeling over and over.
See how many ends it has?

Jack taught me that.
Jack still walking on the bank of some river.

Some other river inking Jack into our earth.
Writing you could sail quite away on.

What he knew of love was the mist.
And is missed.