Sonny Kenner has his red guitar

by Kevin Rabas

in hand, and moves through the melody as if what he wants
is for everyone now to give and get that long kiss
in this room on this night in this club, in the Levee,
where I am dancing with Adrienne for the first time,
and her hips have got me dancing better than I have ever
danced before, and I want to just shimmy on up to her and take her
by the waist and lead her on out into this street lamp night
and onto a quilted patch blanket in this city grass,
beneath these tall alders — and let our howls
be to a new moon, and to the city fountains,
and to the plaza holiday lights that might flicker and blink on
in the middle of summer for us, our lust flipping that switch,
that strand of wire in the bulb heating and glowing,
for one eyebat, one eyelash wink.