The World Revealed

by Thomas Meyer

And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather
yourselves together, that I may tell you that which
shall befall you in the last days.

Cassis stained shirt. Chocolate.
Hand held out. Coin on the palm. The Tsar.
Mumbo. Jumbo. Sentences begin here.
Cache pots. Flower clocks appoint constant time.
Is there something wrong with me
who relishes all this plotlessness ?
A moon very wide awake. Behind a cloud the sun.
Perplexity all linked by depth’s hard bright angle.
Who can remember anything ?
The President and the Maiden, name them.
Slam the door on Want.
Let Have out. Don’t even think about
Hope and Innocence. It doesn’t matter what they say.
One thing, the next. Side beside side.
Never light, low ceilings. Somewhere to leave.
Is this English ?  I mean the language.
The smooth course of love is never.
A dream, the voice said: Genesis 49, the first line.

Without warning. A gust of air. A door
blown open. The world revealed.
Like the bird dashes against the light,
a dependent clause slips upon the eyes.
An alley in the dark the door
opens onto, away from the crowd.
Here there is Charity. The thick of it.

How can we deny
the stars through the trees ?

Not a house upon a hill
but lights in a night sky.