Thomas Meyer

began writing as a teenager in Seattle, Washington.  At that age, he was already a veteran of the arts, having been a child actor, beginning at age nine, in TV ads and summer stock theater.  His work with partner Jonathan Williams (1929–2008) on Jargon Books brought him interaction with some of the most visionary writers and artists of the 20th Century.  He is a poet deeply trained in Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, the Germanic languages, runes, roots, herbal lore, foods, wines, gardens, astrology, and alchemy.  His books include At Dusk Iridescent, A Gathering of Poems, 1972 –1997 ( Jargon Society, 2000 ), Monotypes & Tracings (Enitharmon Press, 1994), Coromandel (Skanky Possum Books, 2003), and a translation of the ancient Chinese classic Daode Jing (Flood Editions, 2006).  Many of his poems and translations (including Beowulf  and The I Ching remain unpublished.  He lives in North Carolina, at the southernmost end of the Appalachians.