Winter 2013 Issue of the Café Review

Winter 2013 Cover for the Cafe Review

Our Winter 2013 Issue is available now featuring poetry by Ron Winkler, Daniel Lusk, Angela Patten, Sarah Wetzel, Richard Spilman, Tom Daley, Ulrike Almut Sandig, Nancy Allison, Judith Zander, Kevin Sweeney, Polly Giantonio, Maria DiLorenzo, David Filer, Nina Bennett, Mariela Griffor, Bill Edmondson, Bill Brown, Philip Arnold, and Ulrike Draesner. It also features artwork from Beatrice Abbott, Adeline Goldminc -Tronzo and Michael Tronzo, interview of Ron Winkler by Nancy Allison and reviews by Annie Seikonia, Bruce Spang and Christopher Hoffmann.