2 a.m. in the Grand Hotel Leveque

by Danny Caine

44 screams each other in a language.

45 awakes naked and cannot asleep again.

42 reaches to phone neuf un un then hand retreats.

46 sures 43 called the desk.

43 sures 46 called the desk.

41 flinches every slam.

On 36’s turnedup TV Gerard Depardieus to Russia.

31 lights the room and stares the armoire.

34 spits on the iron.

33 peepholes 37’s soon return.

32 erases the same sentence twice.

15 is empty.  So is 17.

And has anyone seen 27?

22 Advils.

23 adapters.

24 reads a book in a different language.

21 pines to home.

25 fucks in no words.