April Fool’s Song

by David Filer

Stayed up late last night,
   Thoughts in disarray.
Woke early this morning,
   thought of you all day.
I think something’s coming
   and it’s going to stay.
A little foolishness
   goes a long way.

I have the notion
   that one sunblessed day,
we’ll head off to Paris,
   we’ll go all the way.
I think that day’s coming
   and it’ll be as they say.
A little foolishness
   travels a long way.

It’s April, cold wind
   and rainheavy skies.
You’ve left, but I’m certain
   you’ll come back some day.
If real life isn’t working,
   I’ll make it up my way.
A little foolishness
   goes its own way.

I mowed both the lawns.
   It took me all day.
I know you’d have helped me,
   but you were far away.
Though I’m sure you’re coming,
   it never seems that way.
It takes some foolishness
   to keep my fear away.