At Cross Purposes

by Larry Goodell

Touch my gray life no more.
Out with the insanity.
I can be outright selfish if need be.
My needs dominate, shaken to the roots
by your wandering about in my mind.
I’m sorry but stand on your own two feet
even if you can’t.  You do have feet.
Out out gray bucket full of worry &
pissy days
& glogged up nights —
pour it out pour it out get
rid of it.  My work remains pure
ahead of me if I get back on course,
not your course, your bad decisions and lost
opportunities, your lost way
will it ever be regained
will you ever recover?
My way sidetracks yours
at cross purposes breaking my heart
I myself pick up the lost time
of trying & trials & pieces
you left me.
Now I’m with myself again
my lost partner
is coming back, is here.
I face myself again
bringing myself back together
back to function & rich
sustaining myself out of love
out of love for you
I set myself free.