Attack of the Blue Tarp Zombies

by Gary Mesick

They keep coming, closer and closer,
Smothering the landscape in their sea
Of Smurf-blue polyethylene.
They first take hold in the countryside,
Where they feast on entropy and expediency.
Eventually they insinuate themselves
Into sheds, garages, back yards, and rooftops.
They settle everywhere, and for good enough.
Before you can react, they will have you surrounded:

Paint-splattered drop cloth, rain fly,
Ground cloth, tent, wood pile cover,
Inoperable or superfluous
Boat, car, trailer, bike, and tractor cover,
Helicopter landing zone marker,
Wind sock, sail, gardening hot house,
Poncho, kite and tail, roof patch, wall patch,
Awning, window blind, pond liner,
Luggage-loaded roof rack cover,
Table cloth, picnic blanket, sofa slip cover,
Sign, and flag.  They are relentless.

You can’t hunt them down
Because you can’t tell friend from foe.
They could be you, or me,
Except that they are color-blind
And deaf to their grumbling neighbors.
Even now, just across the street,
There is what appears to be a man
Offering to loan you one to cover
Your barbecue grill.  He says it looks like rain.
Go ahead.  Take it.  It’s only for a while.