Cave Walls (Carriers De Lumieres-Les Baux, France)

by Joseph Bottone

Chagall projected on towering white limestone walls,
lovers are waving at death from their window
you can see fantastic horses pass, red and blue.

A bloodied heart pounds on the table,
shyly naked, in broken moon light

and so much soul spilling out could not be said
to an angel falling,
falling while the clock’s golden pendulum
glass stained red on the walls and floors                                                          with summertime
doves and fishes.

Images of Dada Paris the temple ceiling
an infinite opera of a Bacchanal.
Faces of the crowd, plush red chairs, in another room blue hands reach
for the colour of its soul

— he loves kisses
red and blue horses
and white goats,

children starstruck
by the women trapeze artist
who sways like the man whose violin is tragedy broken.        People
tumble down from the sky,
newborn, happy and dancing

and women on their beds floating by
brightening the faces
in sweetest song’s
summer nights.