Ed Sanders

Ed Sanders:  achieved fame in the counterculture world of the 60’s as poet, magazine founder, and leading force of The Fugs, a satirical folk rock protest band.  In 1962, he founded his infamous avant-garde journal, F**k You: A Magazine of the Arts.  Two years later, he opened the famous Peace Eye Bookstore, in Greenwich Village which became an international Mecca for Bohemians and radicals.  Later, he achieved national recognition for his 1971 book, The Family, a study of mass murderer Charles Manson and his followers that was critiqued as “excellent” and “terrifying.”  His poetry has been likened in energy and ambition to William Blake, Walt Whitman, and Allen Ginsberg, blending slang, neologisms, classical Greek, and Egyptian hieroglyphs.  His book 1968: A History in Verse (1997), was named the Poetry Book of The Year.  If you haven’t heard Ed’s CD, “Songs in Ancient Greek,” (1990) you haven’t heard the epitome of scholastic lyrical poetry.  He not only wrote but is exemplary of Tales of Beatnik Glory.  Ed lives in Woodstock, New York with his wife, the writer and painter, Miriam R. Sanders.  Together they publish the Woodstock Journal.