Rebecca Pendel

photograph by Rebecca Pendell

Rebecca Pendel: was born and raised in Farrell, Pennsylvania. She was introduced to medium format film photography through friends who used plastic cameras better known as the Holga and Diana.  It was the surreal values of these plastic lenses that intrigued her most and defined a dreamscape style she desires today.  She has since then assembled a collection of portrait work featuring friends and family and has had work published and exhibited in various Fine Art magazines and juried shows.  When not shooting toy cameras, she also uses several Polaroid models and instant film types for equal aesthetics and instant gratification.  Her renditions are raw in their expressive power and she wants it that way in both mediums.  Her photographs speak candidly, honestly and bluntly, in some cases, but always willing to seek a simultaneous grace in which to show that people and their dreams and feelings, are beautiful and everlasting.