William Teunis Paarlberg

Bread Box and Beverage Barn, pen and ink drawing by Bill Paarlberg

William Teumis Paarlberg: has always taken the road less traveled. In fact, whether it is on the Web or on a snowboard, he usually blazes his own trail off through the bush somewhere.  Highlights of his youth include two years of school in Kenya and Uganda, national ranking as a Category 1 USCF cyclist, a M.A. in Cognitive Psychology and the Daughters of the American Revolution eighth grade medal for excellence in the study of history.  After brief stints as a waiter, ski-instructor, stone mason, and highway safety researcher, he and a partner created re:Ports. magazine, a weekly arts and entertainment print publication that featured local artists, writers and designers, as well as listing everything to do, every night of the year in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Four years later, after 217 consecutive weekly issues, the magazine was sold at a profit.  Since that time, he has run his own design and illustration studio, specializing in architectural rendering, newsletters and drawings of huge mythical creatures destroying local landmarks.  He lives in Kittery Point, Maine, with his daughter, various cats, some bonsai trees and a 1968 Sunbeam Alpine.