Michael Danahy

with the British Petroleum disaster in the Gulf of Mexico this past summer, he decided to revisit “The Fugitive Oil,” written after a mere one million gallons of oil spilled into the Monongahela River outside Pittsburgh January 2, 1988.  “It was eerily relevant,” he observed.  “I cut some lines and only added a few words for clarity.  The ghosts that haunt the poem haunt us still.”  This is his first poetry submission in twenty years.  His last publication was in Six Portland Poets, the first issue of The Café Review.  Since then his attention has been directed toward music.  He describes himself as “an amateur in the best sense, doing it not for money but out of love.”  He will soon simultaneously release Improve on Silence 1, The Hypnotise EP and The Pluck EP representing his interest in instrumental, pop-rock and experimental/contemporary classical music respectively.